LandscapeTree Checklist

Landscaping checklist for home buyers

Inspecting your landscape as a new or first-time homeowner

Even if you got a good look at your new landscape before buying your house, there may be red flags you didn’t know to look out for. But don’t worry, it's not too late to inspect the property for potential hazards. Take a walk around your landscape and look for:

Tree branches hanging over your roof. You might need to get the tree pruned for safety.

Signs that a pest or disease is plaguing any trees or  plants. Infection symptoms to look out for include pests such as insects bugs beetles catabillars etc on the leaves. Discolouration of leaves or dead sections of leaves in plants or trees. Cracks or holes in the wood or bark can all be signs of pest or disease infection.

Trees that are awfully close to your home. A large tree right by your house could become a problem down the line. If you have any concerns after roaming around your yard, get in touch with Port Macquarie Tree Service for an inspection.

If you have already moved into a new place, removing a tree is probably not something you want to think about but a dead or dying tree can poses a huge threat to you and your dwelling, so you need to know if you have a risky tree on your hands ASAP and sometimes the signs of a dying tree can be subtle. If you are concerned it is better to call the Professionals at Port Macquarie Tree Service for your trees best chance of survival.

Got a free Saturday to spend in the yard?  Great! Take some time to inspect your plants, plan for seasonal landscape maintenance and brainstorm ideas for adding a little flair to your property.

Take your time to plan

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